7 Best Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

Everyone has their own definition of a perfect Sunday. For some, it may be sleeping in and catching up on much needed rest. Maybe it’s spending time outside in the fresh air, enjoying nature. It could even be taking a trip to the mall or going out to eat with family or friends. Whatever the case may be, Sundays are generally looked at as a day of relaxation and fun. However, for some people, Sundays can be quite the opposite.

I used to love Sundays. They were my day to relax, sleep in, and just enjoy some downtime. But lately, I’ve started to dread them. I wake up feeling anxious and stressed about the week ahead. I call it my “Sunday Scaries.” 

It’s not just me either. A lot of people suffer from the Sunday Scaries. It’s that feeling of dread and anxiety about the week ahead. It’s that feeling you get when you realize there are only a few hours left in the weekend and you have to go back to work tomorrow. 

What Are The Sunday Scaries?

The “Sunday Scaries” are the anxious feelings many people experience on Sunday mornings, typically related to the thought of going back to work on Monday. They may be caused by the thought of going back to work or school after the weekend, or by worries about the upcoming week.  

For some people, the Scaries are simply a case of the “Monday blues,” but for others, they can be much more intense and debilitating. The term was first used in a 2014 article in The Atlantic, and has since been used by many other media outlets.

If you’re someone who suffers from the Sunday Scaries, there are a few things you can do to ease your anxiety and start your week off on a better foot.

Causes of Sunday Scaries: The Science Behind Sunday Scaries

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit anxious on Sunday nights. This feeling, commonly referred to as “Sunday Scaries,” can be caused by a variety of factors. For many people, the Sunday Scaries are all too real. But what exactly are they? Let’s take a closer look.

The Sunday Scaries are the anxious feelings that people often experience on Sundays, typically related to the upcoming week. For some, the Sunday Scaries can be so debilitating that they interfere with their ability to enjoy their weekend. There are many possible causes of the Sunday Scaries, including:, work-related stress, social obligations, fear of the unknown, and fear of returning to work or school after a relaxing weekend. 

Moreover, the cause of the Sunday Scaries is not fully understood, but there are some theories. One theory is that the Sunday Scaries are caused by the stress of the work week. Another theory is that the Sunday Scaries are caused by anxiety about the upcoming week. 

A study done by the University of Pennsylvania found that people are most likely to experience anxiety on Sunday evenings. The study found that people are less likely to have anxiety during the week because they are occupied with work and other activities.

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However, Whatever the cause, the Sunday Scaries are a real phenomenon experienced by many people. The end of the weekend can be tough and it can be debilitating. So, by understanding the causes of the Sunday Scaries, we can learn how to better deal with them.

Best Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

Do you ever find yourself dreading Sunday nights? Feeling anxious about the work week ahead? If so, you’re not alone. Many people experience what’s come to be known as the “Sunday Scaries.”

There are a few things you can do to beat your Sunday Scaries and start to combat them. First, take a look at your weekend routine. Are you relaxing and recharging, or are you running around trying to fit in as much as possible?

1. Identify Your Scaries

The first step to conquering your Sunday Scaries is to identify the source of your anxiety. We may not know what lies ahead, but we can be certain that whatever it is, it’s probably going to be pretty darn scary. Is it the thought of going back to work after a relaxing weekend? Or is it the dread of an upcoming project deadline? 

The good news is that there are ways to beat the Sunday Scaries. One of the best ways is to identify what your specific fears are. Once you know what is triggering your anxiety, you can begin to take steps to combat it or you can develop a plan to tackle it. 

For some people, the Sunday Scaries are simply a case of the blues. If this is the case for you, try to brighten up your day by doing something you enjoy.

Try to approach your Sunday Scaries with a positive attitude. Remind yourself that you have coped with stressful situations in the past and you can do it again. 

2. Create a Plan

The second tip to beat your Sunday scaries is to create a plan. This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you’re faced with a blank slate on Sunday afternoon, it’s easy to let the day slip away without accomplishing anything. 

By creating a game plan for the week ahead, you’ll be less likely to feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the things you need to get done. Plus, you can use your Sunday as a chance to relax and recharge, knowing that you have a plan in place to tackle the week ahead.

By sitting down and mapping out what you need to do the following week, you can ease your anxiety and set yourself up for success. Hence, by creating a plan, you can make the most of your Sunday stress-free. Here are a few tips on how to create a plan: 

  • Start by making a list of everything you need to do in the upcoming week. 
  • Make a list of things you need to do the night before or first thing in the morning.
  • Give yourself some deadlines to help you stay on track. 

If you know what’s coming, it’ll be easier to get through it. However, creating a plan is key to beat your Sunday Scaries. 

3. Get Organized

The “sunday scaries” are a real phenomenon, and can be caused by a variety of things. A lot of people dread Sundays because it signals the end of the weekend and the start of a new work week. If you’re one of those people who gets the Sunday Scaries, here is one simple thing you can do to make your Sundays less anxious and more productive: get organized.

  • Being organized can help you feel more in control and less anxious about what the week ahead holds. 
  • Plus, it’ll make Monday morning a lot easier if you’re not scrambling to find everything you need.
  • It can also help you make the most of your time by ensuring that you’re not wasting time on things that aren’t a priority.
  • Write down what you need to do each day and make a list of any errands you need to run.
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Having everything written down will help you relax because you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything. You can also use this time to meal prep for the week. So getting organized is a great way to beat your Sunday Scaries. 

4. Make Time for Yourself

Self-care has always been important, but it seems to be especially crucial lately. With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s more important than ever to take some time for yourself and focus on your mental and physical health. One way to do this is to set aside some time each week to relax and recharge, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

However, when it comes to vanquishing your Sunday scaries, making time for yourself is another step in the right direction. Though it may seem counterintuitive to take time for yourself when you have so much on your plate, carving out some “me time” can actually help you feel more refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the new week throws your way.

5. Move Your Body

When it comes to banishing the Sunday Scaries, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But if you’re looking for a place to start, experts say that moving your body is a great way to ease anxiety and improve your mood.

“Exercise has been shown to be helpful for treating anxiety,” says Dr. Michael Grosso, a psychiatrist and author of The Soul’s Path.

Move Your Body is the best tip to beat your Sunday scaries. It’s simple- when you physically move your body, you release endorphins, which have mood-boosting properties that make you feel good. 

So on a Sunday, when you’re feeling stressed about the work week ahead, take a break and move your body. Go for a walk, do some yoga, or take a dance class. You’ll feel better physically and mentally.

6. Connect With Loved Ones

We’ve all been there. You wake up on Sunday morning after a fun weekend, and reality hits you like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden, you’re faced with an entire week of work ahead of you, and the thought is enough to send you into a tailspin.

If the Sunday Scaries have you feeling down, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of ways to connect with your loved ones and beat the feeling. Here are a few tips:

  1. Get on the phone or video chat.
  2. Send a text or email.
  3. Write a letter or postcard.
  4. Connect on social media.
  5. Make plans to meet in person.

If you’re looking for ways to beat the Sunday scaries, look no further. These tips are sure to help you get your week off to a great start

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7. Get Outside and Enjoy the Fresh Air

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re feeling antsy. You’ve been inside all day and you need to get out. Although it’s tempting to spend all day inside on a lazy Sunday, there are plenty of benefits to getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. 

From improving your mood to reducing stress levels, spending time in nature can do wonders for your mental and physical health. The sun is shining and there are people everywhere. 

You can overcome your Sunday fear by taking some small steps. Just put on your shoes and go outside for shopping or for a fun time. Breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on your face.

So next time you’re feeling the Sunday blues, try one of these outdoor activities to beat the Sunday scaries.

How to Find Peace on Sundays: You Can Do It!

The weekend is a time to relax and recharge for the work week ahead. For many of us, that means taking rest, catching up on errands, having fun, and spending time with family and friends. But for some, the weekend can be a source of anxiety and stress. If you find yourself dreading Sundays because you’re worried about the week ahead, here are some tips to help you find peace on Sundays.

There are a few things you can do to create a peaceful environment for yourself, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to a calm and relaxing Sunday.

  1. Make sure to get enough sleep on Saturday and Sunday night, it will help you relax and be fresh on Sunday morning.
  1. Get up early and watch the sunrise. The quiet beauty of the morning can help you find peace.
  2. Make a list of everything you need to do on Sunday so you can hit the ground running in the morning. Suppose, you have to go to a party or an event, select your dress along with accessories a day before. It will help you ease from hassle and stress. 
  1. Make time for yourself. If you want to write a diary or a journal, start working on it. I will reduce your anxiety and enhance your productivity.  
  1. Get organized on Saturday night to manage your Sunday Scaries.
  1. Eat healthy and exercise on Sundays.  
  1. Don’t over-commit yourself and schedule too many things. 

So, If you’re struggling to find peace on Sundays, try out these tips. With a little bit of effort, you can make Sundays your favorite day of the week.


The Sunday Scaries are the feeling of anxiety that people sometimes get on Sundays. It is often caused by the thought of having to go back to work or school after a relaxing weekend. The Sunday Scaries can affect anyone, but they are most common in people who have busy lives or who are struggling with anxiety or depression. 

There are several ways to deal with the Sunday Scaries, including exercise, relaxation techniques, and spending time with friends or family. Make time for yourself – read a book, take a bath, or watch your favorite show. 

So even if you don’t feel like working out, a brief walk or jog can help improve your mood and ease anxiety. Finally, remember that the Sunday Scaries are only temporary and they will eventually go away. 

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